Infinity Booty Band Workout Bundle

Product image 1Infinity Booty Band Workout Bundle
Product image 2the booty belt - Fitness exercise bands for resistance
Product image 3Infinity Booty Band Belt Workout System to tone, build and burn fat
Product image 4Infinity Booty Belt Resistance Band
Product image 5BUILD, SHAPE, LIFT, and TONE with Infinity booty band
Product image 6Infinity Booty Band Belt Workout System

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You deserve a better-looking, shaped, and toned booty.

All you need is 5 minutes a day! Seriously.

The Infinity Booty Belt Resistance Band is all you need to build, shape, lift, and tone, your Glute Muscles, Core, and Lower Body.

With tons of easy and fat burning workouts, target the gluteus maximus and minimus, inner and outer thighs, quads, side obliques, lower abs, and more!

How Does It Work?

Normal workouts without resistance tend to lead to results plateauing. The Infinity Booty Band has the perfect amount of resistance to add to your workout routine which will allow you to isolate and target different muscles groups easily and see quicker and enhanced results.

What's Included?

The Infinity Booty Band Workout System comes with:

  • One Beginner Infinity Booty Band w/ White Travel Case
  • One Advanced Infinity Booty Band w/ White Travel Case
  • FREE eBook: 5 Minutes a Day to a Perfect Booty
  • FREE Access to Exclusive Video Library

    Benefits of a strong and toned booty

    There are many reasons why you should give more attention to your own behind, but we've outlined our top 5 reasons.

    1. Eradicate Back Pain. Research shows that high gluteus-maximus strength and endurance is significantly correlated with greatly eradicating back pain.

    2. Improve Posture. A strong booty can help lengthen your hip flexors, which will prevent any type of slouching you may currently endure. 

    3. Protect Your Joints. Protect the joints in your knees, lower back and hips by strengthening your booty. By doing so, you prevent your own knees from caving in on themselves during any physical activity.  

    4. Overall Enhanced Strength. The strength of your gluteus affects the physical performance of your body more than you may realize. Think about any physical activities you may undergo on a daily basis like walking, running, jumping, climbing, swinging, swimming, etc. Your gluteus is the main muscle involved in all these activities and a stronger booty will enhance your performance drastically.

    5. It Looks Great. Plain and simple a strong, toned, and shaped booty is just sexy. When you look great you feel even greater. We all know how empowering this can be for anyone, why not you?



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