Claim Your Free Waist Trimmer

We want to give you a free Waist Trimmer to help you boost your workouts tenfold! Seriously... completely free, we'll cover shipping too.

All we want in return is for you to send us a picture or a video with you holding or using your Infinity Booty Band.

The reason we're hoping you would be able to do this for us is that we want to showcase our beautiful customers. We want women to see and feel empowered and motivated by other women to make a change in their life to feel more beautiful and confident. 


All you need to do is complete and submit the form below. 

Once submitted, we will email you a unique code for our store to claim a free Waist Trimmer. 

Hurry, because we only have a limited amount of supply left.

As An Added Bonus:

You will be entered into a giveaway to receive our brand new products for FREE! Those with the BEST pictures or videos picked by our staff will win! (Hint... we love videos!)

This includes our all-new Advanced Infinity Booty Band, Advanced Waist Trimmer, and One Size Fits All Leggings!

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